Types of Security Clearance in UPPSC Jobs

A security clearance Allows an employee to access classified data, usually only allowed after an extensive background check. Usually related to government jobs, security clearance jobs may also apply to government contractors.

Jobs in Security Clearance

-Government Security Clearance Jobs

Any UPPSC government job that provides a worker access to state secrets will need fingerprinting, a comprehensive background check, and a polygraph prior to the clearance is allowed. There are 3 degrees of clearance in the authorities, based on the kinds of information an employee will see. Jobs in almost any government sector can require clearances, with higher level clearances required of employees working on projects such as weapons development.

TSPSC Government

  1. Confidential: If the information Accessible to a employee there might be some damage.
  2. Secret: If the information Available to a secret worker were to be leaked, there could be serious harm caused to national security.
  3. Top Secret: If the information Available to a top secret employee were to be leaked, there could be severe damage caused to national security.

– Government Contractor Security Clearance Jobs

The sector of Government contractors is defense contractors. These builders work on military projects for the government. The areas covered under this category are many, and include:

  1. Aeronautics – the Design and construction of aircraft
  2. Space Systems – the Layout of space shuttles, in addition to working on shuttle launches
  3. Land and Armaments – The design and manufacture of military weapons and vehicles
  4. Information Tech – the development of computer systems capable of tight security
  5. Marine Systems – the Design and construction of submarines and ships, and implementing trans-ocean cable systems
  6. Sensors – includes Radar and other monitoring systems

If you are looking for Work in security clearance, and have a degree in one of those above-mentioned fields, make certain you are ready to pass the extensive personal checks required prior to being granted security clearance. Dependent on the amount of clearance required for work, check might be more extensive and clearances have to be renewed – from every 15 years to get a confidential clearance, to every years to get a top secret clearance.